About the international degrowth working groups

This is a virtual assembly place for the international working groups on degrowth. Here you can get an overview of the working groups and their recent activity. Everyone is invited to read through and take part in the discussions and to join and collaborate in any of the working groups.

Please note that most working group forums are not visible for the public and only accessible to members of the respective group. If you are not a member and want to request membership, please do so via :link: the groups overview page.

  • Communication, publication and edition via degrowth.info
    :email: info@degrowth.info

In the past year the Support Group of International Degrowth Conferences has launched a survey worlwide for mapping degrowth realities in the world. More than 100 organisations answered the call, with nearly 3.000 active people engaged all over the world. See for yourself!

:globe_with_meridians: map.degrowth.net

On August 20th 2018 their representatives met for the first time in Freetown Christiania (Copenaghen). They exchanged good practices, discussed about the future of the planet and initiated several international working groups that organized themselves during the Malmo conference. The aim of these groups is to help us to coordinate as a movement in order to be more effective in achieving our goals. Furthermore, they provides the opportunity to everyone in the world to engage in the degrowth movement and support us.