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It suffices to point the A record of the domain to as with If you wish to have the domain managed by Ecobytes, we can also transfer it.

Talk to you next year,


Hi Laurens, welcome back in 2020! Can you let me know when that meeting is and how you decide? Thanks a lot, talk to you soon! Jon

This should be possible in your domain configuration panel at

Please let me know when this happened, so I can setup the site to also accept requests for Many thanks!

Hi Laurens, would you have any news to share regarding a possible membership, and/or configuring that domain to point at our servers?

Best, Jon

He Jon,

sorry for the slow reactions, I am finishing up my master thesis (on degrowth & urban planning) so these are busy times for me. Tomorrow we have a new meeting with our group there I will propose the membership of ecobytes, I’ll get back to you after that. There I can also speak with the team member who currently has the passwords etc. for Mijndomein so I can work on changing that!

talk to you soon!

Kind regards,


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Hej Laurens,

these are all very exciting news. And never mind the reply frequency, I’m all asynchronous, distributed collaboration with eventual consistency :wink:

If that might interest you, there is also a new pattern language on Urban Renewal by Mike Mehaffy, published as a book and under

With @Anne_Arndt_Jacobi we have been talking about a collection of good degrowth practices, and I was proposing to build a pattern language of sorts. Would that also be of interest to you (later on)?

Hi Laurens,

I hope you were progressing well with that thesis.
In preparation of the next Degrowth online events, I checked again and it seems in quite a good use! :clap:

I was wondering if you could pass me the contacts to that person, or bring us in touch here, in so I could eventually request the technical and quite minimal changes directly with the person maintaining the settings? It’s a quick procedure, and the benefits are very visible.

I’d be happy to help with this change, when time comes.

Keep up spreading the word,