Payment Notification Of 03/22/2021

Dear Valued Customer,
Attach invoice still outstanding since 22/03.2021.
Please find attached statement of your account including all current, past due and credit balances.
Kindly note, this statement may not reflect payments submitted in the last 48 hours.
Current: $0.00
1-30 days overdue: $1,620.00
31-60 days overdue: $0.00
61-90 days overdue: $0.00
91-180 days overdue: $0.00
Over 180 days overdue: $0.00
Total Overdue: $1,620.00
Available Credits from Overpayments: $0.00
Please remit payment at your earliest convenience.
For wire transfers use: Your remittance advice shall be emailed to and should include payer name, full amount of the wire and break-down allocation of the payment by invoice/bill of lading number.
Best Regards,
Credit and Collections Dept

OUTSTANDING INVOICE-Statement 256495.xlsm (108 KB)