Possibility of using the degrowth cloud for a Dutch degrowth network

Hi guys,
I am writing you because I figure you are the ones creating/managing the degrowth cloud and all these IT systems.
I am involved in an upcoming degrowth network in the Netherlands. We are planning some events this year, and we just discussed that it would be good to have a kind of common drive/cloud to share documents. I know of the degrowth cloud because I am part of the activism group, and I find it very useful! I was wondering if part of it could be available for our Dutch degrowth network? (right now we are about 10 people involved) If not, what would be your suggestion for an alternative?

Also some people will be involved in creating a website for the Dutch degrowth network, maybe for that it would also be good to talk to you at some point?

By the way, is this forum open to anyone? they also mentioned the possibility of having a forum on the website, but then it would make more sense to just use this one, right?

Final question, if they would like to discuss some possibilities for the website, how should I put you in contact? (or whom should they contact?)

Sorry for all these questions!



Hi @AnaP, thanks for writing. We are always happy to know when users enjoy the services we (here I speak for Ecobytes) provide to the communities with collaborate with.

Although we have not yet defined a model of usage for degrowth.net, I think it should be no problem for you to use both the cloud, as well as this discourse forum. I think my colleague @yala will agree on this, and then we have to see how much usage you need, and if there can be a model of contribution for overall infrastructure costs and maintenance, e.g. via a regular donation or a membership in Ecobytes (or the communication group, when/if it takes over the management of the degrowth.net).

This discourse forum is public and I think it makes all sense that you use this. You can get your own group and own category/subcategories, which can be private or public. This is in fact what we aim at with this tool: to engage different realities of degrowth in horizontal networking. If your local community is here, it is one step closer to interact with all others that are also present here.

As for the website, we also can provide you support or solutions, depending on what you need. Wordpress and Ghost are some of the common alternatives.


Hi Ana and Gualter,

thanks for moving forward here. If you give me your username at cloud.degrowth.net, as it’s apparently not AnaP, I can give you group administrator priviledge for the new Netherlands group and you can invite your peers yourself, if they are not connected, yet.

We’re happy to have you here in the Agora, and can also offer you to create new categories for your regional network. In terms of anti-nationalism, I guess it would be good to conceive those as language communities, instead of frontier communities. You are also free to have a private group or activate an email inbox for your group. It really depends on what you need.

To talk about this and the website, it would be really good to have a call with you and some of your people next week.

Talk to you soon,


Thank you guys! That sounds great!
Ah I just changed my username at the cloud, so that you can find me more easily! Now it is AnaP, indeed:) (I think Jean had given me my previous username)
Anyway, yes I think it would be great to discuss that!
Would you have time Tuesday/Wednesday evening?
I just asked two of my colleagues as well.



Hi Ana,

thanks for the heads up! It is very much appreciated. Usually we only get errors and problems from our users, and only rarely thanks. This is why it means a lot - to me at least.

Next week Tuesday is better, since I will be travelling the 6th.

Best, j*

Oh I am sorry to hear that! The tools you provide are great! We were just commenting on that in the last conference call with the activism group. I guess we are just used to taking good things for granted, and are not practising being grateful enough…I will keep it in mind!
Tuesday is great, what time suits you best? and what channel of communication do you prefer?

Hi @AnaP, I am generally open for suggestions. The day is not planned yet, and I don’t know whom I will meet when, so an hour for getting in touch can be good. I’m good with exchanging here, or escalating into the Degrowth chat for short notice notification … had you seen or been aware of

I’m seeing that messaging room (‘chat’, in What’s App lingo ‘group’) via the Riot ¹ App on my mobile phone. For the call we could choose Talky.io, jitsi.riot.im, meet.jit.si or any other reliable, but quite open communication method. For fallback I can offer Signal, Telegram, Google Hangouts or even that Skype thing.

What’s best for you and your group?

¹ https://about.riot.im/

ahah so many options! :smile:
I will get in touch with my colleagues and let you know! :wink:

Ok, so 7pm Tuesday would be good for us here, is it ok? Talky.io sounds good! I will be with one person, and the other guy will also join remotely.

Talk to you soon!


We need to quickly find a way out of these postmodern times we live on :joy:

Cool, perfect. Talk to you next Tuesday at 7pm.

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Hi Jon, lets use taky.io this evening!

See you later!


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I’m documenting in https://pad.degrowth.net/degrowth.netherlands

I think the one we used was acutally another one:

Visit this pad.


Dearest @AnaP, @Laurens and @Ties.

I have now created a private group and a hidden category on the Agora to test how it would feel for your use case. Please check them out at:

Additionally, I have set up the example Ghost blog at ontgroei.degrowth.net, which has been documented in https://lab.allmende.io/degrowth/degrowth.net/issues/31

If you could do me a favour, could someone of you try to

and then, after being logged in, also

  • create an account for the other editors?

To continue with setting up a site structure, moving forward with design and integrating calendar plus discussions, we will create access for us by other means.

Thank you in advance, and talk to you on Monday!


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