About the Global Degrowth Day 2020 category

Here we publish events that take place during the Global Degrowth Day 2020.

If you want to place your event on the map, you have to do the following (don’t worry, it’s easy! :slightly_smiling_face::
Register (if you haven’t done it yet)

  • Register to the forum via the “sign up” button. You need to check your email (please check also your spam folder!) and follow the activation link from the email.
  • Then press the “Click here to activate your account” button.

Now you’re in our forum (again).

  • Navigate to the Global Degrowth Day 2020: Press the snails-icon in the top left corner:.
    Then select “Global Degrowth Day 2020” in the category Events:

Create your event

  • Create your event via “+” button
  • Fill in data, title (at least 15 chars; for better finding your event in the list, include town name), add date and time, add location
  • Press “find address” button to put your event on the map (if detailed address cannot be found, put detailed address in optional name field and use only nearest city to place it on the map).

That’s it! You can do changes at any time.

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