About the Research circle

The goal of this group is to create an international community of researches on the themes of degrowth(s), ecological sustainability, and social equity.

The community will be able to at least:

  • Exchange results and interests

  • Disseminate knowledge also through a popular vocabulary

  • Create opportunities for cooperation and collaboration

  • Provide accessibility and give visibility to the researches on our themes

The first planned actions are:

  • Create a platform to host a database of knowledge, including published papers;

  • Impulse collaboration on events, projects, papers, etc;

  • Inform the others about upcoming conferences, lectures, and other events;

  • Start a collaboration with the Education GAP Group for dissemination through popular translation;

  • Write articles on locals newspapers/magazines to make our themes easier, clear, accessible, and visible;

Of course there is room for many more proposals. The group self-manages and self-coordinates itself via a mailing list, via other more open web tools, and by meeting face-to-face when possible.