Added location to event, but still not displaying on map?

Where you write the address, there is a button to find the address (so that the system gets the coordinates for it from a system).

Maybe you did not notice it, or “find address” is ambiguous? Would appreciate to understand where the user experience problem is and improve on it.

In any case, even if a user forgets to use it, group administrators can edit the post and click on find address to get the event to the map. I would therefore not see that as a blocker for its’ further usage, but definitely as something to improve in the user experience.

Hi @gandhiano ok i just tried it and it worked - it’s on the map now. Nice! Yes, I had no idea that pressing this button was what is necessary to establish the location on the map…

Perfect! I saw that there is an option in the Location plugin settings to make it required to have a location. But I am not sure how this works and if we want to require all events to have their locations mapped, as some people just want to add a location name and not necessarily display it on a map. What do you think?

I wanted to try the new map and added FairBindung to it, but then had the impression this here is not the map…

you are right: there may be some situations, where a location shall not / cannot be specified. So it is better to have it optional :slight_smile:

That appears to be a recurring issue to several people. As we have the location optional, you need to click on the “Find Address” button to get it georeferenced. As explained here.