An open letter for Degrowth

Hello everyone! If you found your way here through the rich discussion happening on the degrowth-world mailing list please continue this thread.

E-mail is really not a good platform for a long discussion. Let’s try to use this forum, which can be easier to follow.

Maybe copy and paste the points you already made and we take it from there.



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Please find the open letter here. If you agree with the key demands, and want to show your support publicly, sign this form and share it with friends & allies. The collection of signatures will end on Friday May 1st at 20:00 CEST. We welcome the signatures of individuals & organizations. We will share the open letter with the press, so time is of the essence!

In solidarity,

The open letter working group on Corona & Degrowth

PS: Parts of the form might be in French because the platform where we built it is France-based. Just make sure to press “Soumettre” to submit :wink: