Change name of category?

Since we already use the name Support Group, it may induce into confusion with this category name. Maybe we could change it to e.g. Technical Support?

I was trying help before, would that fit? We can have a subcategory for FAQ for the styled How to … posts, too! I got this idea from

In another direction, would you know a home of that support group somewhere in the web?

Maybe helpdesk would be clearer?

For the support group we should get soon a space here. But it is up to now an internal group, with the only public contact point currently being the mail address, as described on the support group page on

Helpdesk sounds too technical for me. We’re not in a hosting provider environment here. What’s wrong with Help?

Can you discuss in the other Support Group, if:

  • they want to follow structured process and communication for decreasing informal power hierarchies?
  • they would like to mention the Ecobytes key partnership on the website?
  • you are eligible to be added to the Leipzip conference organisers group, or if people working in technology need to be labelled, othered and separated via the IT tag?

Ok, I agree that helpdesk may be too technical. Go ahead with Help then.