Changeable documents in Next Cloud

Hi @yala & @gandhiano,
we are active in another next-cloud installation, where we can create changeable documents. It looks like this:
Can we have this functionality in as well? It is really useful for working on documents together. Thanks!

Thanks for this request.

I have quickly tried to enable the OnlyOffice App, and connect it with our existing instance. But it didn’t work immediately. We’ll have to look into this later with dedicated attention.

don’t want to be too pushy, but are there any news about this?
We as a group are currently working on documents together, where this feature would be really helpful :slight_smile: And also table documents (ods), where we want to collect information, is now needed.
The pad thing ( is too uncomfortable…
Would be nice to get this soon,

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hi there any of you two,

we’re currently wrapping up the year and cutting loose ends in every direction. it is very unlikely that we are attempting new deployments very soon, but I’ve heard Christmas is coming, so …

After setting up a separate for, I have found that the plugin was actually already enabled and working with Did you notice?

Nevertheless it now uses its independent replica.

I have shared the document with you. Can you confirm that you are able to edit parallely via multiple browser windows in and complete the little quest that is hidden within?

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Jon, @yala
seems to work, great! That’s a nice Christmas present! Thanks!

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@yala we introduced the new feature in the cloud to our fellow activists last Monday. They find it awsome! We are already using it intensively. Thanks again


You are very welcome. Glad to hear our little interventions here have greater implications elsewhere.