Nextcloud problem

Hi there! We are having problems with the Nextcloud in the folders of activism at the moment. It is is not possible to work on the documents online. You have to download them and then upload them again. Is it possible to fix that?

Thank you!


@gandhiano @yala
it seems next cloud lost the possibility to use only office, i.e. we cannot open the documents in a change mode anymore. Would be great you can fix this, because this is the main use case for us in the next cloud :slight_smile:

Hi @Anne_Arndt_Jacobi and @AnaP,

we had recently upgraded the Nextcloud to the latest version, and it seems it lost the OnlyOffice plugin.
After reenabling it, the collaborative editing as presented in

seems to be working as expected again.



@yala yes, thank you, it works again!

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