Degowth contact Brooklyn

Hi @Anne_Arndt_Jacobi and @jean!

I was asked by Sam Bliss (the DegrowUS contact from Vermont) if I could put him in contact with the organizers of the event in Prospect Park, Brookly (NY), which is part of the map. Unfortunately I cannot get any email adress from the person who registered the event (lily.pollans). Do you have any more information since you have admin rights for the forum?

Hi, Anna,

i don’t see her email either, but i saw in her settings that she gets an email when someone replies to her posts, which you did. She is a forum member, so it’s not like the other problem we found, and should be ok :wink:

I do not know if I can and how to do it! Sorry. Try with Gualter or Jon…


@activism Hey everybody, Lily the organizer of the GDD event in Brooklyn asked for some advice…
“…One thing we plan to do at the event is distribute little cards with references for reading and resources about degrowth. We have some key websites, articles and books, but wondered if there was anything specific that you would recommend including?
We expect that many of the people coming will be learning about degrowth for the first time…”

Any ideas?

and thanx Jean, she replied to my mail and gave me her email adress.

@Anna I don’t have any specific recommendations, but maybe it would be nice if she could post her list of websites and recommended reading etc, so we can check and compare :wink:

For begennires I will recommend Latouche: farewell to growth
Degrowth a vocabulary for a new era of D Alisa and what is degrowth…paper of demaria. I have pdf if needed. .jean