Degrowth and the Global South

(karim b m) #1

There is still one major issue that should be discussed (in my point of view) is degrowth possible in poor southern country whose ideal model is that of rich countries, that is to say that of excessive consumerism, with an increasingly extravagant abandonment of “social” responsibilities of the state (education, health, infrastructure, etc. …) and a declared opening towards a wild capitalism, coupled with the corruption and the clientelism and corporatism of the ruling class.
How could we discuss a degrowth strategy while the “mass” is looking for employment?
How could we explain the need for a “radical ecology” approach vs green/blue growth economy while many people fight to survive as their minimal needs (health care, education, water supplying, energy etc.) are privatized or very expensive to ensure?

I knew that Pr latouche argued in one of this books that the debate should be “offset” for such countries as their global impact (for time being) is far lower that the one from western countries and TIC’s.
I think that we should initiate the debate focusing on sensitization and education in order to avoid urgently wrong “development strategies” that might became a nightmare for the peoples of the country in really near future…
im from tunisia

(Kristina Utz) #2

Hey there, Germanwatch put forward an interesting debate on this three years ago “Degrowth Debate - Persperctive from the Global South”…you might want to ask them whether they further worked on this topic and might have more material.

Further input:

Cheers, Kristina