Degrowth related recources - please add your favourite readings!

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Here I started a basic list about degrowth related recources as the Lily the organzier of the GDD in Brooklyn asked me about it for a flyer to hand out to visitors of the event (most of them with their first contact to degrowth)
Please feel free to add what ever you think is important or inpires you personally!

list of internet resources about degrowth:

  • short definition & history
  • in „publications“ section & list of articles about degrowth 2008 - 2017
  • „library“ section with advanced search function via themes or key words, well updated collection of articles and other content about degrowth (> 2800 pieces)
  • information about past and future degrowth conferences

petition link „Europe, It’s time to End the Growth Dependency“

Who to follow on Twitter:

@R_Degrowth (Research & Degrowth)

@g_kallis (Giorgos Kallis)



By: Giorgos Kallis

Publishers: Agenda Publishing

Language: English

Year of publication: 2018

Doughnut Economics

By: Kate Raworth

Publishers: Random House Business

Theme: planetary boundaries transformation economyYear of publication: 2018

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Hey Lily! @lily.pollans
here some more suggestions by @jean, thanx!

2 more books:

“Farewell to Growth”
By: Serge Latouche
Published: Polity (2009)

By: Giacomo D’Alisa
Published: Routledge (2014)

and a paper:

What is Degrowth? From an Activist Slogan to a Social Movement“


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