FairBindung e.V

Mostly: Seminars, workshops, lectures on degrowth, critics of growth/capitalism, alternative economies, solidarity economy, collective and participatory economies etc. We develop educational materials on how to transmit that knowdlege and give trainings for multipliers (NGOs, teachers, …); we organize discussion rounds, film screenings and events such as the degrowth slam or the degrowth speed dating and some action on the earth overshoot day. We give city tours (on bike or foot) to explore exisiting alternatives such as collectives and community gardens. We developed an exhibition on degrowth that is widely used throughout Germany and issue smaller publications. We import coffee on a solidarity economy basis in order to experiment what theoretic ideas mean in practice and to support local alternative economies in the Global South. We also take part in various networks to contribute degrowth ideas and challenge the business as usual.

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Great work FairBindung e.V and Kristina Utz!