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Quiero participar del grupo de trabajo.

Mi nombre es Vera Mignaqui, Ingeniera Química, Ms In Development Studies. Docente e investigadora de Universidad Nacional de Quilmes, Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata y Universidad Nacional de San Martín, Argentina.

Muchas gracias!!



Hi @silvio, you can ping @communication if you like to reach out to @gandhiano and me at the same time. We had not seen this request towards us to take over the role of onboarding here.

We need to write a guide that explains that people are only onboarded completely, after they have registered an account on agora.degrowth.net explicitly. This is neccessary since we need their explicit consent to the data privacy guidelines we must employ due to European legislation.

Until one is registered here one can interact with respondents to one’s message, or post new articles over time. This does not mean that one registers to an indefinite message stream that is being passed into one’s mailbox. The software Discourse here does not attempt to do this.

Instead it attempts to granularily depict and inform only people about activities that actively concern them. This is either by participation in a conversation, by tracking of categories, or by being pinged in a post.

Having said this above; welcome to this online place. We hope you will find yourself around quickly. Before @si7vio as an owner of the group or me as an administrator of the site can add you to the group, please register personally on https://agora.degrowth.net with the same email address that you used to write here.

We can then add your newly created user to Researchers - Degrowth

Until then you will remain a shadow user on the site and can only participate indirectly via email.

Kindest regards,