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Hey there,

I’m a Brazilian/English political ecology phd student in the Netherlands researching forest conservation in Brazil. I feel that degrowth embodies my values and politics, and I’m happy to see that it is a growing movement.

I would like to get involved in the activist side of things, so I’m just reaching out to see how that works?

Hope your week(s) are you going well,


(Anne & Arndt Jacobi) #2

Hey, that’s nice that you want to get involved!
This group is currently planning a global action day (Global Degrowth Day - Good Life for All on the 1st June 2019, for details see:
If you want to join in the prep work you should also register at our cloud ( for the activism group. Here we store all our planning docs, texts, etc.
Furthermore we have a monthly phone call. Next call is on 11.2. 2019, 7pm CET; we use

We have also a list of other events for actions, that we will post shortly.

A general hint: Under preferences / notifications you can adjust your settings so you are notified via email about new posts…

(jean) #3

WElcome! I will add you in our mailing list and tools.

(jean) #4

Welcome! I add you in mailing list, GAP and cloud,

(Anne & Arndt Jacobi) #7

@Tom238 we are just cleaning up the forum a little bit, i.e. deleting posts that are only a membership request. Would you like to transfer the personal information who you are into your profile?
Thanks and regards :slight_smile: