Getting involved

Hey there,

I’m a Brazilian/English political ecology phd student in the Netherlands researching forest conservation in Brazil. I feel that degrowth embodies my values and politics, and I’m happy to see that it is a growing movement.

I would like to get involved in the activist side of things, so I’m just reaching out to see how that works?

Hope your week(s) are you going well,


Hey, that’s nice that you want to get involved!
This group is currently planning a global action day (Global Degrowth Day - Good Life for All on the 1st June 2019, for details see:
If you want to join in the prep work you should also register at our cloud ( for the activism group. Here we store all our planning docs, texts, etc.
Furthermore we have a monthly phone call. Next call is on 11.2. 2019, 7pm CET; we use

We have also a list of other events for actions, that we will post shortly.

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WElcome! I will add you in our mailing list and tools.

Welcome! I add you in mailing list, GAP and cloud,

@Tom238 we are just cleaning up the forum a little bit, i.e. deleting posts that are only a membership request. Would you like to transfer the personal information who you are into your profile?
Thanks and regards :slight_smile: