Dear Team,

I am currently pursuing masters in Renewable Energy Engineering and Management from the university of Freiburg, Germany. In our course we have been introduced to the concept of sufficiency in the module Energy and sustainable development by Prof. Dr. Von Weizaecker. After thoroughly studying the Energy and Climate policy, it was clear to me that Sufficiency is rarely developed as a field of action for policy makers because its a very tricky concept for which people swiftly resort to terms like ‘the compulsive state’, ‘eco-dictatorship’ and ‘neo-socialism’.

**After analysing all the ways in which we can reduce the pace of climate change i.e., shifting to Renewable energy, using tools to increase energy efficiency and the concept of sufficiency. I was really fascinated as to how big the concept of sufficiency and de-growth can be used to change the way we understand sustainable living and resource use only if its implemented in a smart way. **

Also when I was doing some background research on the topic of Sufficiency, I recently attended a seminar on Going circular in the plastics industry – a business model Perspective by Prof. Dr. Katharina Spraul. I would like to get your guidance as to how would lifestyles and business styles predicated on sufficiency affect the structure and growth of the economy? And What business models are there for corporations whose products and services contribute to a reduction in consumption?

I would like to dedicate my life and my future career to work in this sector and contribute to the society in a positive way possible. I think this path is challenging and would be worth it to explore and research on.

Looking forward to hear from you soon.

I will be highly obliged.


Kapish Dutta