HELP - Pad content for Stories and Narratives working group meetings was deleted

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(Ahac Meden) #1

@yala @gandhiano

Today at our meeting we wanted to add new content to our pad notebook, but have seen it is empty, it only stated it was created 2 days ago. Please advise what could of happened and if there is some way to retrieve it.

Thanks, A


Hi guys,

we updated the bare metal, which went not as smooth as expected. Fortunatly we had backups from the codimd.

I hope you didn’t wrote other texts in the meantime, as these would be now in another archive.

Sorry for any inconvenience,

for ecobytes

(Ahac Meden) #2

It is this one

(Wojtek) #3

Oh noooo! We have to recover it! @yala @gandhiano Help!

(jon r) #5

Apparently a restore from the backups helped recover the pad.

Can you confirm

Visit this pad.

contains the content that you expect it to have?

(Ahac Meden) #6


sorry for a late response, but things (life) happened. So the pad is working and we can continue accordingly.

Thanks :pray: