HIV/AIDS dissent


I write to make a link between the HIV/AIDS dissenting and the degrowth communities, since I recognize both have may have things to learn from each other and involve in mutual empowering.

I am aware that this may be something that can sound not so trivial for those who are not in the subject. In that case, I introduce you to where the problematic lies nowadays in my opinion. The diagnosed have to deal now not only with discrimination and stigma in many different ways depending on many different factors, but also with the fact that dissenting information is all over the internet, and is just way more reasonable than the mutating and unearthly official theory. Unfortunately, the healthcare system, because of the way it is constructed offers no support for the dissenting views, at least in an open, outspoken way. Apart from this, I believe that at least in my communities (I live in Berlin and come from Montevideo) the HIV/AIDS theory constantly biases everybody’s perspective on health, sex, and life in general in a hectoring way.

I will for now just leave some links for you to dig into if you are interested but I would be grateful to exchange more if you consider it worthy, including my personal story on how I got involved into this.

Facebook group with more than 1000 dissenters mostly from Camerun

Petition on including several links to scientific information, personal experiences, etc.

A post I recently did myself on Facebook and for which I had just a few responses but zero rebukes:

Basically the man that discovered the thing, saying that the thing is essentially harmless:

And what I find is a very confusing TED talk:

Thank you for your time,