How to create a new mailing list in

we signed into . Now we would like to test the mailing list functionality. Unfortunately we cannot figure out how to create a mailing list.
Can you give us advice, please?

Creating new mailing lists is only possible for administrators. Would you like to be granted these priviledges? Else we can always communicate about new lists needed.

Yes, it would be perfect to have these priviledges. Best would be to have them soon, as need new mailing lists on Tuesday :-):ok_hand:

You would have to become member of Ecobytes and join the regular administrative team, in so I can allow you to access the personal data of the related member services hosted in the same environment. is only an alias to, where we maintain various mailing list domains.

Might it me easier instead you told me the lists that you would like to see under

Hi @yala,
ok, understood. Can you please create the following list for us:

List name: Global Degrowth Day activists
Post address:
Description: Activists organizing Global Degrowth Day

We would like to able to see the email addresses of the subscribers.
We assume, that we can edit the summary of the mailing list on our own, right?

Thanks and best regards,

I am creating this now at, and

choose a discussion mailing list with public archives.

The other options are:

Announce only mailing list
discussion mailing list with private archives

Your Posteo address has been set as the original list owner. Can you confirm that you

Please ask me if you need more from me.

looks good, thank you!