How was your Global Degrowth Day? We are curious!

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Thank you for organizing events for the Global Degrowth Day (GDD)! Around the world there were just under 40 events, and some still to come. We could also see many posts on social media under #GlobalDegrowthDay
We are curious, how was your GDD event?
Could you share in a few sentences or paragraph(s):

  • how did your event go? what did you do, and how many people participated?
  • what were your impressions?
  • were there plans for future actions?

We are preparing a blog post about GDD2020 for, like we did last year, and we would love to have your contribution to share with the world the richness of degrowth events and organisers.
You can send your GDD experience to Ana ( by Friday, June 12th at the latest .

If you have pictures you can add them to the degrowth cloud, and you can also share them on the Facebook GDD event.

Thank you and warm greetings!

Ana, Anne & Arndt

Hi, Here in Australia interest in degrowth is growing. All my activities were conducted via Zoom. I participated in a 90min. pre-Global Degrowth Day — on World Bicycle Day (3 June) — event organised by NENA — talking and discussing degrowth. The next day I gave a guest lecture on degrowth for the alternative Marrickville School of Economics again engaging with participants (2 hour event). Finally at my 7pm on Global Degrowth Day and 11am CET Vincent and Liegey and I went into conversation in a 90min event on our forthcoming Pluto Press book Exploring Degrowth: A Critical Guide.

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Here in Warsaw we attended the #blacklivesmatter demonstration in front of the US embassy and afterwards had a lovely picnic and chat. We met like last year in the community garden Motyka i Słońce ( and were really happy to meet in person even if only a small group. Among others we were discussing about the book “How Forests Think” as a way of thinking ourselves back inside the living environment and also about astronomical events that shape our calendars. We plan to meet again this June.


Hi all, here is a blog post with your contributions about the Global Degrowth Day around the world:
Thank you for sharing it with us!

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