Information about engagement

Dear degrowth research group,

I have read your Website and I am very interested in the work you´ve been doing within the Group. I write you because I would love to join you and collaborate as much as I can.

I am currently doing my Master´s studies in Bielefeld, Germany and my main focus is on environmental problems. I have researched about the Rights of Nature in Ecuador as a possibility to conciliate the western and indigenous systems within
the framework of Environment. By doing this work, I found your Group and it grabbed my Attention. Thus, I would like to have more Information About your work and know if it´s possible to contribute and get engaged in some way.

Best regards,

Karla García

Dear Karla, thanks for reaching out! The group has been rather inactive in the past few months, but we are right now trying to schedule a call to discuss what kind of activities we might be interested in as a group. Feel free to sign up to our mailing list to stay in touch with the group. And if you’re interested to take part in a group call this week (most likely on the weekend), please fill in this doodle