Interested in research and activism - From Australia

Hi there!

I’ve been following your work for several months and finally I find the time to contact you.

I’m Sabrina and write you from Brisbane! Originally I’m from Switzerland and I still follow closely the evolution of some movements in Europe.

I’m interested in being active part/member of the degrowth movement and therefore I would like to be added in the activist’s network, and I will do my best to support other people. I spent the last 12 year being active in several movements around the world, such as the New Economy network here in Australia, but now I would like to focus more just on degrowth.

I’m the founder of the Brisbane Tool Library, like a book library, but for tool, camping gear, kitchen appliances etc etc. We fight consumerism and create a (real) sharing economy. Since last year, we are even based inside the State Library of Queensland, which is great cause we can talk about degrowth and new economic systems being in government public space! I’m also happy to write about this in your website if you’re interested. We’re pretty excited about reclaiming back a public space and being able to act from it, even if we’re a not for profit independent organisation!

I’m also interested in the research network. I’m a PhD student working on degrowth in the food industry. I’m focusing on food packaging and how zero packaging food system could lead to change completely the food sector. Briefly: packaging = transport and protection in the globalised world; pre-processed food; maximisation of profits, marketing etc. so if we delete packaging from the food equation, we can change the entire food system to more locally sources, less marketing, less pre processed products etc etc.

I’m happy to share my knowledge on the subject, but I’m also looking to learn from the network cause in Australia not many academics are familiar with different new economic perspectives.

Anyway, thanks for reading my email and I wish you all an amazing 2019 and I hope that I could collaborate with all your teams in this new year!


Sabrina Chakori

Founder - Brisbane Tool Library Inc.

PhD candidate - The University of Queensland


Phone: +61 432 401 564


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DEar SAbrina.
Wonderful things… you are welcome!
I will add you in the mailing list of the activist group. Our next jitsi call will be 11 february at 7 pm Rome time. go to this link at that time: Jitsi Meet
The main task of the group is organize the global degrowth day:
See you!