Introduction of Members / Persons interested

Hey there, please introduce yourself! It would be nice to hear from you, how your interests/work/visions are connected to this int’l working group on municipal degrowth, too.

Hello all,
I’m brand new here and only now getting familiar with all the content and info on this site. I live in beautiful Montreal, Quebec and the city’s ambition and willingness for a green future is palpable and growing. I want to be part of that and have come here for ideas and inspiration to pursue the Degrowth movement around me.

Hi I am Gert from The Hague (NL).

I’m interested in building the movement as a decentralized network. I have seen how XR did this, but they seemed to agree that degrowth was not their priority, but it is mine, so…

It would be helpful if there is a contact list for every (or the nearest) country. Perhaps I can help with that? Also a list of physical spaces where people can go and meet would be very helpful.