Let's introduce ourselves!

Hey everyone, I thank you all for being here, and for advocating and practicing a new world! I have created this topic because I see that there is none currently where we could join and introduce ourselves! I can begin this, and hope to see many of you respond, especially those joining the community after the Vienna conference (like me!)

I’ll begin!

Hey squad - I am Shik from Mumbai, India, currently on gap year from university in Singapore volunteering full time with Extinction Rebellion Global - otherwise a student of Environmental Social Sciences. Although I am very new entrant to the formal field of degrowth, I have been there mentally for quite a while, especially since I have started engaging in my activism. Over the last year spending time organising, taking action, and reflecting, I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s little to no hope remaining for the people of my country, and most of us in the Global South - in terms of actually having a healthy and liveable future. And even that little hope becomes extinguished if we continue to exist as slaves writin the capitalist system - especially for those who have been historically marginalised and continue to be on the frontlines of the crisis. For me, my life mission right now is split into two distinct threads:

  • the one focusing on mitigation through political activism, concentrated on pressuring European institutions and knitting alliances of revolution from Grassroots to Global - which is where advocacy for degrowth as policy reform comes in.
  • the other focusing on starting to build resilience - specifically by empowering vulnerable communities to detach from the extractivist exploitative systems through becoming self determining and self sufficient.

To achieve these visions, I act mainly through my role as the External Coordinator for the Global Partnerships team at Extinction Rebellion where I work on a number of things:

My motivations/rationale for all of the above

  • Being from the Global South and having been involved in grassroots environmental activism here, I am more of the deep adaptation mindset and have accepted the societal and environmental breakdown is imminent - however I still hold on to the hope that our past colonisers/invaders in Western Europe can still come around before its too late and mitigate to a certain extent the extent of damage.
  • I also try to engage in spiritual and entrepreneurial activism - believing that the biggest battle that needs to be won is that of humanity demolishing our internal constructs that make us believe nature is an other to be dominated and not that we are just extensions of it
  • I personally believe that humans have had all the solutions to a just, sustainable world for a long time now - and that the only thing missing is us all coming together to join the dots, and help each other out based on an international economy of love and resource-exchange - and that’s a personal project that I am working on apart from all my Extinction Rebellion engagement.

Sorry for the information overwhelm - I look forward to engaging with many of you over the next months and years - to bring about a degrowth revolution! :green_heart: :fist: