Main purpose of the Working Group (contentwise)

Please suggest purposes for this working group.

At the conference, my own suggestion included: Let’s initialize an international/global working group on MUNICIPAL DEGROWTH, putting together efforts from various social movements, local initiatives, experiences from the right to the city and transition town movement, combining them with input from research on urban infrastructure changes, mobility, housing, food systems, migration, environmental justice and so on etc, building bridges to urban planning departments and municipal agencies. And so on and so forth. While we all know, that a just and solidary Degrowth society can only work on a global scale, we need to foster transformations on a municipal and local scale. This can be done by trans-local collaboration within the degrowth community: Municipal Degrowth Working Group
–> feel free to add, change, etc.

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Hey Anton and all the others,
first of all, sorry for my late response! As I’m new to agora, I hope to use this thread the right way. I agree with Anton’s ideas about this group’s purpose and I’d like to add that we may share our thoughts on the outputs we want to create. They may range from workshops, papers, press articles to mapping projects etc.

Also: a place to share and discuss relevant content about different topics.