Mapping Degrowth with Karte von Morgen

Thank you very much Jon, for the links and data!
As I first want to see how many entries you have and in which country, a csv would be much easier, also for manual transfer. (I am not a developer, no idea how to make jason a spreadsheet.)

But as I can see, you have roughly about 150 Entries. Compared to other datasets which were imported by hand already, this my take us around 3 hours. (That would make us independent of the roadmap of our duplicate checker:

@jean promised me to send a spreadsheet of the newest entries. I will wait for this and then we can decide, rather doing it by hand or wait for an import service, (which I think is not necessary). Are there people who want to help? @Anne_Arndt_Jacobi Would be great, if we get some from other countries, so they can care for their countries and have a closer look. The best would be 8 to ten people:

  • North America
  • South America
  • South Asia
  • Scandinavia
  • England
  • France/ Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Italy
  • DE-A-CH

Do you know anyone we could ask?

That is really going to be great!
yours Helmut

Am 17.04.2020 um 16:33 schrieb jon ⚝:

Hallo Helmut,

Der Quellcode der Seiten und auch die Daten sind seit Anbeginn auf veröffentlicht, aber scheinbar habe ich das bislang nicht ausreichend oder nicht oft genug kommuniziert.

Here are the links that @yala sent me:

Am 17.04.20 um 15:33 schrieb Helmut Wolman:

Lieber Jon

Wir hatten heute mit Jean-Louis, Anne und Alfred ein netten Zoom-Talk zur Karten.

Wir wollen auf jeden Fall die Karten verbinden und gemein gemeinsame große Kartierungsaktion für Degrowth machen.

Da wir damit so bald wie möglich starten wollen, dem Jean-Louis aber ein sehr großes Anliegen ist, von Anfang an auf die bestehenden Daten auf zu bauen, wollen wir die Daten möglichst importieren.

Hast du dazu schon ideen oder scripte?

Könntest du mir bitte eine möglichst aktuelle csv schicken, damit ich schon mal ein Eindruck von der STruktur und der Anzahl der Daten bekomme?

Evtl. haben wir bald sowieso ein Importdienst, falls nicht werden wir vermutlich den deutsprachigen Raum händisch auf dupletten prüfen und alle anderen Länder einfahc importieren.

Lieben Gruß


@wellemut thanks for all your information!
What would the helpers have to do exactly?

Task for Country-Degrowth-Mapping-Helpers

  • Main-Task: Roughly review the entries in your country and see if they are plausible.
  • Help to map entries in your country (you get a spreadsheet from the last years questionair.) It will be around 10 to 30 entries for your country, around 1 hour of mapping-work.
  • Get to know your degrowth movement in your country:
    • Who else could be likly to support the degrowth idea?
    • Make a Degrowth-Call in your country and invite every initiative to present itself, record it and share it.
    • You will get a notification-service, that informs you about any change of your #degrowth movement in your country.

More information about mapping you find here:

Would be great and sustainable, if we find one person for those 8 regions.

Thank @jean for your data
We have 107 Entries in total, most of them in Germany and Italy, which is easily handible to check it by hand

Short Numb. Region Responsible done
NA 13 North America ?
LA 6 South America @Anahi
Asia 5 Asia ?
E-EU 20 Eastern-Europe, mainly Hungary and Slovenia ?
Skan 5 Scandinavia ?
GB 7 Great Britain ?
French 13 France, Belgium + Netherlands ?
Spain 6 Spain and Portugal ?
DACH 19 German Speaking countries @wellemut !
Italy 13 Italy @jean!

We will call for regional coordinators/ voluntary mapping support for the remaining regions. Lets update the list above, as soon we have found some.

This list is sorted by number of entries and gives an detailed overview, which countries are mapped allready.

Country Num. Region Koordinator Support done
Germany 15 DACH Helmut
Italy 14 Italy Jean-Louis
United States 13 NA Jean-Louis
United Kingdom 10 GB Jean-Louis
Hungary 9 Hung Vincent L.? Jean-Louis
France 7 French Vincent L.? Jean-Louis
Spain 6 Spain Ines
Portugal 6 Spain Ines
Slovenia 5 E-EU Helmut
Belgium 4 French Jean-Louis
Serbia 4 E-EU Helmut
Greece 3 E-EU Jenny Gkiougki AgroEcoPolis Hellas Helmut
Argentina 3 LA Anahi
Canada 3 NA Helmut
India 3 Asia Helmut
Netherlands 3 French Helmut
Brazil 2 LA Anahi
Denmark 2 Skan Helmut
Turkey 2 Asia Helmut
Austria 1 DACH Helmut
Colombia 1 LA Annai
Croatia 1 E-EU Helmut
Czech Republic 1 E-EU Helmut
Finland 1 Skan Helmut
Latvia 1 Skan Helmut
Lithuania 1 E-EU Helmut
Macedonia 1 E-EU Helmut
Mexico 1 LA Annai
Philippines 1 Asia Helmut
Romania 1 E-EU Helmut
Sweden 1 Skan Ekatarina?
Switzerland 1 DACH Helmut
Bulgaria 1 E-EU Helmut
Poland 1 E-EU Helmut
Algeria 1 Asia Helmut
Australia 1 Asia Helmut
Japan 1 Asia Helmut
Norway 1 Skan Helmut

How to Map

  1. Go to,1.736&zoom=5.00&search=%23degrowth and check if you entry is mapped allready
    1.1 If it exists, press the little pencil at the top to edit the entry and add more informations
    1.2. If not, click “+ Add new entry” at the button left.
  2. Add all Contact-Details and Description.
    2.1 Allways us the hashtag #degrowth
    2.2 Add one or more form these tags: research, activism, practice, oppositional activism, arts, politics
    2.3 Add any other suitable hashtags that fits to your organisation.
  3. Make sure there are no errors and accept the open source licence… then clicke save.

Further Information:

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I am here for Italy! Many thanks,

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Great! Thanks a lot!
I just checkt Germany. 80% was mapped allready. I had to do some research about the correct adress of new entries, which where not in your spreadsheet. That would be one reason, why it was better to do it manuall. And I deleted two duplicates in your list.,8.173&zoom=6.00&search=%23degrowth

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If you want be on the map, please fill in the survey. For further information about how to get involved please write to activism-degrowth(at)


"We are currently working on a new automatized map where every group could map itself. If you filled the survey in the past, we will update your contact informations. If you did never fill the survey, you can register on the new map. Please select always the tag “degrowth”. Furthermore you can add the following additional tags to describe your activity: research, activism, practice, oppositional activism, arts, politics. If you are an individual interest into building a new group, please use the tag “individual”.

For further information about how to get involved please write to activism-degrowth(at)

The new map (work in progress)

<div style="text-align: center;">
<iframe style="display: inline-block; border: none" src=" " width="100%" height="580"> <a href="" target="_blank">zur karte</a></iframe>
<p style="text-align: right;"><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener" aria-label="(öffnet in neuem Tab)">Große Karte öffnen</a></p>

Also this explenation might help:

yours Helmut

@jean @wellemut @conihepp : Yes, we will update the map section of the “get involved” page in the next few days and let you know when we are done, so you can take a look…

@jean @wellemut we updated the page
Please check it

Today, Anahi started to map the movement in Latin america:

She has a list of the yearly degrowth movement gathering, which she is going to map.

90 % of the entries are transfered.
I think you can remove the old map on the get-involved page too.

@yala How do we proceed with this map: Do you also want to replace it?

With Min from earth&us (Auroville) we found a degrowth-coordinator for India. Thanks!

In Greece, Jenny Gkiougki AgroEcoPolis Hellas and Stella Rotani AEP media from Agroecopolis ( are coordination the mapping and movement

@wellemut, @jean
Great work :ok_hand:

We updated the get involved page now. Please let us know, if you need any changes!


I can no more edit things, but Slovenia and Serbia are mapped too,17.389&zoom=8.00

Only latin america might be missing, but anahi is working on it.


Would that be possibel?

I have updated the website with using the new map.

@wellemut Is there a way to display the user interface in english by default, and link to that version from the iframe instead?

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Great, thanks a lot!
The frontend is english by default, if your browserlanguage is not german or spanish. You can not control it by URL.

Als Startausschnitt würde ich jedoch das hier vorschlagen: center=50.736,-29.883&zoom=3.00

Danke für den Vorschlag. Ich habe das nun auf hinzugefügt.

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