Meeting of (potential) activists in Torino, Italy

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All degrowth activists or everybody who is interested in becoming active in the degrowth movement is cordially invited to this meeting!
We will discuss the Global Degrowth Day 2020, but also anything else you want to discuss.
Possible other topics: other global or local actions or action days, ways to get people involved, how to build/improve the activist network, activist pre-conference in Manchester 2020,…
Please add any agenda proposals here!
Current plan:
Arrival Friday night for dinner (7 pm),
End Sunday (5 p.m.).
Overnight stay with degrowth people in Torino is possible (until Monday, if necessary).
If you want to come or if you have any questions, please send a message to @jean or use the registration form:

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Hi! Thank you for organizing this! I still need some time to organize the journey, so I cannot fill the form yet (as it needs the details). So here just to let you know that I plan to come! :slight_smile:

Hi @jean , confirmed! Just bought the tickets and filled the form.
See you soon!

You are more than welcome! Can you tell us something more about you and why you will like to join the meeting?

See you soon