Nemzetközi Nemnövekedés Nap / Global Degrowth Day in Hungary

Global Degrowth Day: Connect with nature, activate your green thumb and ride your bike!

For the 2nd International Global Degrowth Day - A Good Life for All! and after several weeks of confinement, let’s enjoy conviviality, of course while respecting the right precautions!

We would like to invite you to:

  • Reflect on Degrowth: the period we have just experienced taught to us how vulnerable and unresilient many aspects of our civilisation is. Also, it has proven that reappropriating the economy and realizing the benefits of relocalization is possible, and with tangible benefits! We will share in the upcoming days a series of articles, podcasts and videos reflecting on the crisis from a Degrowth perspective created by a number of our partners.
  • In honor of DG Day 2020, we encourage you to ride your bike, spend some time in nature, and get your hands dirty gardening: considering Covid-19 precautions, these activities are safe, and keeping in mind sustainability and well being, more than desirable!
  • One year ago, we organised a Degrowth Festival at Dömörkapu Rengeteg. Unfortunately, we could not organize the same type of gathering this year due to the situation. But feel free to join some of us informally and ride along the Danube to this wonderful place and have a picnic or a drink (more info to come later)!
  • Join Exploring Degrowth, a conversation with the authors at 11 am.

Please share your ideas and activities below, feel free to contact us.

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