new possible member

Dear de-growthers,

I’m an ethnographer and economic anthropologist
(PhD fellow at the Autonomous University of Barcelona)

who writes her PhD on labor, migration and post-socialism but who is also privately interested in de-growth, enviromental and social justice, Universal Basic Income and critique of labor (I published two academic papers on these topics in Spanish and Polish) and
I wonder if I could get involved somehow in your group, support some research activities and learn from you.

I’m also an activist with the International Committee of Barcelona en Comú, a civic platform that rules Barcelona. We work for the international municipalist network and ecological transition is one of the principles of the global municipalist movement, some
of us are de-growth activists as well and I´d love to promote more the concept within our networks, inspiring research and organizing summits. I´m also in touch with de-growth scholars and activists from Poland, my country of origin.

Please let me know!

Best regards,

Angelina Kussy.