Query about research and getting involved

Hi there!

I would love to know more about research and possibly getting involved myself regarding degrowth, is there a mailing list of something else that I could join? I’m a post-grad anthropology student from South Africa, and while I’m not yet in a position to do my own research at this moment, I might like to in the future.

Please let me know, and thanks in advance!

Best wishes,

Stephanie Cookson

Hi Stephanie!

Unfortunately, the research group is inactive atm. We have a mailing list (degrowth_research@lists.riseup.net) but it is not being used, and we might cancel it soon for that reason. Consider joining degrowth-world@lists.riseup.net, some interesting research-related exchanges take place there. If the research group list is reanimated, I’ll let you know here :slight_smile: