Question related to a research project

Dear colleague,

My name is Christophe, I’m the head of research at Lumia, a new higher education institution and a research center located in the south of France (

With colleagues, We are currently conducting a research project on non-growing/degrowing/post-growth companies, especially by analyzing their business model.

Willing to analyze existing companies implementing such a disruptive approach (e.g. applying the sufficiency principle above the efficiency one), I try to identify as many business cases as possible. It could be either small or large organizations, family-owned or listed (even if we strongly believe than being listed prevent of engaging in such a radical approach), old or very new ones, … It could even be non-profit companies if they have implemented an innovative business model and processes to operationalize their approach of sufficiency.

I’m sure that your network could be of great help to identify such organizations.

Moreover, how may I connect and interact with your group of researchers (to share insights, questions and results)?

Many thanks in advance for your valuable contribution

All the best


Hi Christophe! Thank you for the message! I’d suggest you send this request to our mailing list, you’re also very welcome to sign up. There’s not much discussion happening on this platform, but we’re now trying to revive the mailing list, so you have better chances to get a response there.

Also, we’re planning a call this Saturday (first one after a very long break) to discuss our collective activities as a group. You’re also very welcome to join if interested :slight_smile: If you sign up to the mailing list, you’ll receive my tomorrow’s email with further details.


Hi Oxana,

Many thanks to you for your reply and your invitation to join the mailing list.

I’ll do it with pleasure

All the best for you