Translators group

After a suggestion from @jean to have a translators list, I created a translators group here in the Agora. If you know people who like to volunteer from time to time to translate, you can invite them to join the group there (the group is open, they can simply click to join - and of course register a user on the platform). When anyone (not only from the activists, but also researchers, etc.) wants then to ask the people in this group of translators for help with some translation, it is as simple as mentioning @translators - everyone on the group will receive an e-mail with the corresponding message!

There is moreover an e-mail for the @translators group admins setup - This allows people who are not in the forum to directly contact the group administrators, which can then again communicate with their community or moderate requests as they want. Currently, there exist no group administrators (or members), but maybe you know some people that may be interested in joining such an international army of degrowth translators and you can share the link to the group with them? :wink:


That sounds a great idea! @Jean do you agree?

We could speak at the next jitsi call.


Which link have I to give to invite translators?


You can invite the translators to register here:

And for any questions they can contact the (still to exist) group coordinators under:

I can help to translate in French and Greek.

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I can translate do Brazilian Portuguese.

Hi from Karim, Tunisia, i can translate in French and Arabic
Yu welcome

I already translated into french

Visit this pad.