Virtual assembly for better coordinating degrowth movement

Dear “gears” of degrowth movement!

I included in this email support group and representative of all working groups.

As preconference organizing team (in accordance with support group and activism group), because the 2nd assembly movement has been postponed to the Hague conference, we confirm you that we will organize a meeting of the different nodes of degrowth movement (support group,, activism group, research group, ecobytes, etc.) with the aim of organize better ourselves (proposal 25 June at 5 p.m. CET here: The idea is that every realities describes what he’s doing and we try to organize better our collaborations, also thinking to the next movement assembly.

Please feel free to suggest topic to discuss in the agenda.

Up to know these participants confirmed:

Group Participants
Support group Vincent, Jean, François Coni
Activism group Anne and Arndt, Jean / Ecobytes Jon

Do someone else want to participate? If the date is not good for you we can do a framadate.

Many thanks!


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i would be very happy to participate 25 june 5pm.

I think that it is a key time for the degrowth movement to propose alternatives, especially for the people that stop working in business as usual with the crisis. We need also narratives of transformation, and living degrowth utopias in hands-on experiments or if it is the only way possible in role plays.

In the process of the open-letter, a lot of ideas of the collective brainstorm got lost, especially the ones about the obvious linking of growth with pandemics, and the numerous degrowth proposals for post-covid


Le mar. 12 mai 2020 à 10:12, Jean-Louis Aillon a écrit :

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I agree about the timing. Coops and CSAs seem to be managing well too and attract new audiences.

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Dear Degrowers and all,

thank you Jean and the others for preparing agenda & schedule, that
speeds things up. And thanks also for the initiative to increase chances
for mutual aid and transparency between cooperations.

Focus for me and ecobytes will probably be question number
2), How do we communicate

Interestingly, in the way it is posed it probably focuses on peer to
peer interaction, as with emails, mailing lists or messengers.

Additionally I would like to reintroduce the notion of documentation to
our frame of thought. The processes we partake in leave an imprint in
their web surroundings and repercussion between the walls of the various
echo chambers. If not trickling down, knowledge is condensing in our
representations, and we can choose its malleability and accessibility.

A nice way to perceive how we can estimate the transversal interlinking
of discourses has been mocked by

I’ll be happy to share experiences with different interfaces, and help
strategise them for broader discourse and participation.

Francois, how did the ideas from the collective brainstorm got lost?
Were there many conversations, but no note taking in place?

Talk to you all soon,

& Ecobytes

@gandhiano @WoMe Would you be able to join on June 25, 17:00 CEST?

I will at least try to join.

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I’ve a work-related travel on that day (at least in theory) so not sure how will that work out.

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Dear Jon,
The meeting will not be public but between representatives of different groups. then we could think, if needed, to a public output: minutes.



Hello to everybody,
Whereas nobody ask for different date I confirm the meeting 25 June at 5 p.m. CET here:

Also Helmut that helped us with the map will participate!

See you soon,


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Hi. I’ll try to join the reunion too. Thanks