Zero Net Emissions by 2050 is impossible!

I have worked out that it is impossible to achieve Zero Net Emissions by 2050 via engineering projects. It is not rocket science, it is simple arithametic. The global economy grows by about 4% per anum. So clean energy must replace emissions at the same rate, just to break even. Clean energy generates 17% of our global energy needs. So to replace 4% of CO2, it must increase by 18% every single year. If we are to achieve Zero Net Emissions by 2050 we must reduce our CO2 by another 4% p.a. every single year for nearly 30 years. That means increasing clean energy by another 18% p.a. So we must increase our clean energy by 36% every year. Last year, after a herculean effort, our clean energy went up 10%, a shortfall of 26%. So this year that 26% gets added onto the target, bringing it up to 62%. Next year it will be 88%, and so on.

If you know anyone who thinks that is even remotely possible, please refer them to a psychiatrist!
There is only one solution to this predicament. We must crash the economy!

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It’s The Economy - Stupid!