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I am neither an economist nor a sociologist but an engineer and MSc. Water and Environment.

Degrowth is progressing far too slowly. Only ¼ of all people, i.e. those who are also willing to vote for green parties, are interested in degrowth. And there is little or no trend towards higher election results for green parties. So it can take forever before degrowth noticeably asserts itself in the economy. Especially since the world economy is getting stronger and more “intelligent” in order to aquire sufficient growth.

I suggest approaching degrowth from a different flank. It is easy to abolish of all the money in the world. A global referendum can be expected with a majority if you make it clear to people that all debts will disappear. There have been several economic crises with similar symptoms in history. In this case, one could even plan this crisis in good time.

If all people are well motivated, nothing will change in the daily routines in the economy and in people’s lives once the money disappears. You get everything for free and there is no wage at the end of the month. All deliveries continue as usual. There is no longer any advertising because nobody is interested in give more than necessary.

Right now in the Corona crisis we are proving that we would be sufficiently disciplined and show solidarity for it.

But if you get everything for free, people will change their behavior quickly. You no longer have to look for the cheapest and get everything as gratis. I suspect that after a few days only what is really needed is taken and not what is now shown as necessary by advertising. In this way, we will very quickly approach the state that should be achieved with degrowth.

On my website you can find more information: softsystemreset.earth