📄 Blog for the Degrowth Housing Tour

I have been contacted by @Francois and @gandhiano via a private channel about provisioning of a small blog for the Housing for Degrowth tour. Places used for publication are:


Since we have also been asked to provide a blog, there is now also our offer to use an independent blogging system, https://housing.degrowth.net/. @Francois has been provided with credentials to log in for evaluation of the system.

Before starting cleanly with that site, we need to remove the getting-started Tag and to remove all the explanation articles currently visible on the page.

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Hey @Francois

I have adjusted some little details.

  • The user account now calls you Francois Schneider.
  • Removed unneccessary menu entries.

Please go find a nice high resolution image that you can upload as “publication cover” to

This is the image that is shown on the start page, which is a bit dark now.

You can also upload an avatar icon of yourself to

This helps to make the site more personal.

If you wish for Anitra to write there, too, please invite her on https://housing.degrowth.net/ghost/#/team

If you also add an entry about the book itself, and where people might find additional material, then people have a little more context what the site is about.

For adding links to other pages, you can customise the menu in https://housing.degrowth.net/ghost/#/settings/design

I have now taken the liberty to repair the site logo a little, and make it more visible. I have also added an about page to the menu. Unfortunately the design of the background currently makes the menu buttons almost invisible, which should be revised.