Building narratives at the summer school


I am missing you. I hope you are all well.

I have been very busy with the housing for degrowth tour, with cutting vines, with taking care of woofers in Can Decreix, and now the summer school of degrowth, and i apologize for having been lacking communication. I would like to come back in contact with the narrative group, because what is being prepared at the summer school is very relevant for the narrative. Actually half of the summer school will be about building narratives in different sectors: low tech, food, housing, energy, transport. And i think that it would be important that the narrative team gets involved in this. Who could make it to the summer school? have a look here:




So cool! That’s nicely converging with the formation and perserverance of our humble group. Also I just thought it would be good if I manage to get people here interested (in the summer school and in thinking about narratives) since they can give an interesting Eastern Europe perspective.

I would btw be interested in helping/volunteering somehow in the summer school.

Hi Francois/all!
Good to have you back, @Francois !
@sophia have been organising and chairing our meetings (and excellently so!) for the last few monthts. You can follow the minutes here:

I think we may have a meeting on tuesday 19th?
There’s a doodle in this thread: Meetings of the Storytelling and Narratives Group

Hope to speak to you soon:)

Very best,

So great, thanks for your message, looking forward to talk to you on Tuesday abrazo