Communicate DEGROWTH DAY

We communicate that the Center for Advanced Multidisciplinary Studies of the University of Brasilia will hold the “Global Degrowth Day - Good Life for All” on June 1st, starting at 9:30 am.
The program includes activities such as ceramics and natural cosmetology workshops, debates on how we can take advantage of the European experience on Degrowth for Brazil, ecofeminism, and learning about agroforestry. After the lectures we will have free hours for those who want to raise questions related to Degrowth, such as solid waste management, creative economics, voluntary simplicity, etc. We will also have a vegetarian lunch made by the male participants.
The places will be limited to only for 40.
The event will be at the following address:
Sítio Canto do Galo
DF 180, KM 34, INCRA 9, Gleba 3, lot 394
Brasilia DF-BRASIL

Best regards

João Luiz