Contacting portuguese partners

Do you have a list of partners you are contacting? I maybe can add a few ones :wink:

hey, we sent a personal email, because we were in contact with them last year.
For the “new” partners we can use the template “email_call for Partners” in the folder “Texts” in the cloud.
We think it is a good idea to send these emails from

As the posters are quite heavy (3MB), we think it is not a good idea to mail them. Instead we uploaded them to the homepage (page: participate), where the partners (and everybody) can download them.

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hey @gandhiano , the list for partners is here: Would be great, if you add some new partners and contact them :-).
Do you have access to our “activism”-space? there are also templates for emails to partners in the “texts” folder, PDFs for flyers to be attached to the partner mail,…

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About sharing files with closer or wider publics, please note that you can always create public download links for your files within the cloud. There is a sharing feature in the right sidebar. It creates a link that opens a page for shared files of folders. These links are hardly guessably, why they can be considered private, or a secret, in technical terms.

On this page is a Download button. Click it to download the file. RIght-click it to copy the direct file address. Its link will directly download the file. This is the same as appending /download to the address in the sharing sidebar.

You can always try out how a link looks like when not being logged in, by entering it into the address bar of a private (Firefox) or incognito (Chrom*) window.

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However the public link cannot be directly edited with OnlyOffice, or is there a way @yala?

I still have no account on the degrowth cloud. Could you create one for me (gandhiano) and add me to the activism group?

Hello everyone, I am on board! Great work so far!!!
Still getting used to the new tools - but thanks to A&A I can open the spreadsheet.
@Jean, did you already contact the partners of the degrowth map? Didnt get that from the sheet and if not, I’d do so tomorrow…let me know!

I just saw that I can actually use OnlyOffice to edit the document through the public link. That’s great, I was behind the recent technical developments :smiley:

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Last time we checked we found that you still had an account from setting up the site. I have added your username + as email address to that account, so you can request a new password.

No I have not. I think the best way is to send an email to the movement mailing list. Are you in? If not I can do it.

Olá Gualter @gandhiano ! Regarding GAIA Lisboa, I was told to contact Francisco Pedro as he is now involved in GAIA Lisboa. I can ask him about GAIA Alentejo as well!

@Anne_Arndt_Jacobi could you update the pdf of the call for participation in Portuguese, pls? I already added the missing paragraph to the text file.

Thank you!

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@AnaP done :slight_smile: Could you check again, if everything is ok?

@Anne_Arndt_Jacobi In the first section, could you please replace the word “reflectidas” by refletidas? My Portuguese has seen better days :wink: