Creating a topic in the narratives category and choosing a call tool

Hi G,
Yes, I wanted to create a topic. Am still getting the hang of this.
I’ll see if I can change it…

I have a paid Zoom plan;) And not a lot of time to go loking for new stuff. But thank’s for the advice! I remember the talk at the meeting in CPH on Jitzy :laughing: Are Zoom not fairly private?


But… @gandhiano How do i create a topic inside the narratives Forum? There doesn’t seem to be that option.
And I don’t want to create a meeting topic for the full GAP.

Did you visit this?

There you should be able to create a topic.

Hm. Yes, I was there. But the look of the page makes it look very Overall GAP, and it doesnt look at all like it is ‘inside’ the narratives forum. I guess from the adress it is - it just don’t look it:D



Frederikke Oldin
MA, Psychology of Language

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Frederikke Oldin
MA, Psychology of Language

+45 2244 4852 |

Denmark, Europe | ReTelling the story of sustainable life

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@gandhiano @yala an you see whether the topic I created (Meetings of the Storytelling and Narratives Group) is visible to all, on the main page? (Looks like it to me). When I ‘enter’ the Narratives Forum, I have only the option of sending a message, no ‘topics’, and I also cannot see the above mentioned topic.

Would be rather useful to be able to create topics inside forums, that maybe weren’t visible on the main page. What do you think?


Looks good for me! If your group is public, then the latest posts you make on your group will appear on the latest thread on the main page (on the right). They work as attractors to get more people joining and can contribute to the overall dynamic of the movement.

Do you see a need to keep any of the information private? In that case we may want either to make the narratives category private (which I would find a pity) or have a separate one for private communication, if you feel you have this need.

We can of course also adapt the design/layout not to show the latest posts and show instead something different. This is however pretty conventional and I have the feeling it looks good. But I’m open to other suggestions :slight_smile:

PS: As for Zoom, yes, sure, if you have a paid plan and are hosting the session go for it. Jitsi would be the free and open source software alternative, but I guess it’s still not working as well as Zoom, which is a commercial product - but also as far as I know quite good on the privacy side, and supporting end-to-end encryption.

Indeed it would be nice if each category came with its description text atop, similarily to the group. Storytelling and narratives of degrowth - Degrowth I guess it is also there where you initially sent the message from, and not

Indeed the mention of the category is very decent and not highlighted a lot.


In Firefox (Ctrl + Shift + P) and Chrome (Ctrl + Shift + N) you can create Private/Incognito windows in which you are in an environment which will be deleted after closing. In there you can always test anonymous views, or log in with different accounts. Quite useful at times.

We have seen this question multiple times now, but would always favour a publicly disclosed discourse. We can always also go for two categories: A public and a private one. Their email addresses (a.k.a. “mailing lists”) could then read like:

  • and
  • and alike for the others.