Degrowth Picnic - Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY

Prospect Park is very large! Email the organizer for the exact location.

Hi @lily.pollans

I am Anna from Berlin, a member of the team that initiated the Global Deggrowth Day 2019. We are excited about the event planned in Brooklyn! Are you the organzier of that event? If not could you put me in contact with them? We also have a contact in Burlington, Vermont. Sam, he is a memeber of the DegrowUS movement. He asked me if I could connect him to you guys.

Hear you soon! :slight_smile:

Best, Anna

Hi Lily and Anna - I am Sam from degrowUS. I’m really happy you are planning this event in Brooklyn and would like to learn more about it and help promote it! Lots of NYC degrowth proponents follow degrowUS on twitter so at the very least I can help get the word out that way.

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@sambliss @lily.pollans

Hey Sam! Welcome to the Agora forum and thanx a lot for your offer to promote the Global Degrowth Day in NYC!! Lily is the organizer of that event and I think you might have had also email contact already. Just to make sure she is reading this, I added her forum name “@lily.pollans” so she should be informed about this comment via email. By the way you can also contact our activism group by adding “@activism” or any other forum member you would like to contact. I saw a new GDD event of DegrowUS in Chicago, which we are really excited about!

And it would great if you could promote the main facebook event of the GDD!

Please keep us updated about the event in Montreal or other planned events and we can’t wait to see and share fotos! :wink:

Best, Anna

The degrowth picnic in Brooklyn was small but beautiful!