Degrowth web assembly

Hi Robert,

it has been a while since we have been in touch. It was often about and one of its websites, but also slightly about mapping,
infrastructure or OERs. This time I wish to render you aware of recent
developments around a degrowth networking environment. A communications
and networking group assembly has recently taken care about

There we’re introducing contemporary means of exchange on the web, and
would like to announce them to degrowth communities progressively. If
you have a first look at that, you will immediately notice that
explanatory content is missing. Why I am reaching out to you, to enquire
for thoughts and ideas.

What I am confronted with now is the question how to engage and mobilise
for a possible editorial team; yes, yet another! I know we have chosen
the most accessible FLOSS utilities that are available, but what kind of
content and guidance do users need on and to actually find their ways by themselves?

Thank you for any references that might come up,


Hey Jon,

Thanks for sharing those links with me! I wasn’t aware of these sites.

Before I am able to give you feedback, can you please refresh my memory how all these building blocks fit together?

Trying to help here:

  1. > website covering the work of R&D

  2. > the main info platform for people new to degrowth

  3. > website presenting open-source tools used by

  4. > website explaining 3?



Hi Robert,

yes, there is some kind of overarching strategy articulated between the different top-level domains of degrowth. Indeed it is perceived as:

    as the main information site about academia related degrowth activities, curated by R&D
    as the main information portal for any public-oriented publication of content related to degrowth
    a collection of online collaboration tools for all degrowth-interested individuals and collectives, only loosely related to the other sites, and allowing for direct, peer to peer interaction between people, in opposition to the mainly one-to-many publication flows offered by the others. is indeed conceived as the place for How tos and Tutorials about the software available at

Content for the last is still due, since it requires quite some effort to produce usable, simple and visual instructions for newcomers and experienced users.

Does this refresh your memory enough?