Hello deggrowth Team,

my name is Susan and I wanted to plan a small Demo basically **against racism. **

I was motivated to do so, because of the current situation in the the US. As an American citizen I feel ashamed and want to „Support from abroad“.

So I heard that you guys are teaming up with other organisations and motivate other people all over Germany to protest, against more or less anything, on the 6th of July 2020.

I didn’t think it was that difficult, but now during Corona is it even worse. Personally I have problems with reading through all these laws, in terms of how a protest can be done etc. and how I will make everything work, without somebody/ some city sewing me.

Can you help me to find or to inform me how I can organise something in my land Hessen ?

I would be blessed with links and tipps, if i should communicate with the city hall or if this seems overrated to you. etc.

I am a simple kid and my plan was to print flyers and give it away through the whole town. Surely with an extra advice to keep distance and wear a mask.

You see, I need help. I would love to be a part of this.

phone number 017630705875

Best regards.


We sent this email:
Hallo Susan,

thanks for your initiative!
First remark: the action day is on JUNE 6th (not July:-) ). But of course your initiative would be welcome on any date!

Do you also speak German? There is a good site, helping in organizing things according to German laws etc.:

If you don’t speak German or have any other questions, you can contact us via email, so we can try to help you!

Cheers and regards,
Anne & Arndt