Discourse locations plugin


I found your discourse agora from a github issue of the locations plugin.
This is awesome, I like degrowth idea since many years!
I’m working for sustainable development and renewable energy, but I’m also webdev about more than ten years…
I worked for https://negawatt.org/en, you should take a look about their scenario. This is how to get rid of carbon energy with concepts of sobriety, efficiency and renewable…

Anyway, I’m here because I work for a basic income crypto currency software used for a french libre currency named Ğ1, and I’ve made a map with vue.js that fetch all geolocated topics of our discourse platform.

Sorry for the flood, I’m new here and limited to 2 links max. Admin feel free to merge.

Code of the map here.
We plan to improve our map and discourse plateform with many stuff as discourse allow fetcing data when adding .json at the end of url. Ex: your map data.

I don’t know ruby but put javascript everywhere. I can’t help to improve development of this discourse locations plugin, but maybe you have ressources to? Maybe we can share and build commons some stuff together?

You’re interested? AMA!

Hi Emmanuel @ManUtopiK,
welcome at our forum! Thanks for your posts. We had a look at negawatt - it looks interesting :slight_smile: !
We also had a look at your map

and tested the iframe functionality in our environment. It works fine!
Unfortunately we (A&A) are not js-coders. But maybe @yala knows someone?

By the way: check out our global action day
It would be great if this year there could be events in France as well :slight_smile:

Hi Emmanuel,

this looks very exciting! It is especially a missing component in the Discourse ecosystem, to show maps from here in other contexts. Thanks for bringing it up.

I am cloning your code and see if I can produce a similar result for the #events that we collected. If this works out fine, we can also think about improving the Discourse locations plugin together.

I know it’s hard for people to add places that are not on OpenStreetMap, or to understand they should search and select their location, before submitting the form. There are many small problems in the UI.

Therefore I’d be interested in learning the ideas that you would like to see implemented to make the combination of Discourse and a JavaScript viewer more useful for others.

Thanks for bringing this up, this is very exciting,



I have reworked this example into


which pulls the events from the #events category.

We should be able to do the same with the #realities, or even add a category chooser / URL parameter switch, that allows us to filter the locations and events by category, time or anything else.

Source code lives in


@ManUtopiK You might find the added comments in https://lab.allmende.io/degrowth/discourse-map/commit/d0a1e8f2dc44b17cb5934143881d1df2a4f47081 entertaining for upcoming discussions.

Thank you very much for providing this code to be extended upon.