Having a look on the new map.degrowth.net

Hi @jean and @Anne_Arndt_Jacobi,

I cannot make our call tomorrow about the mapping, and want to suggest to find a new date within the next week. Is this feasible for you?



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After approaching @wellemut about the “map of tomorrow” I have had conversations with him about how we could move forward using their platform. This will need additional software development.

Additionally someone approached us, sharing their experience with generating an embeddable map for locations in Discourse, which we might adapt.

Similarily to the manchester conference developments, I am having free resources to work on those next week, end of the month.

After reviewing a conversation on talk.incommon.cc about synchronising different geodatabases, I have found a link to show a list of mapping projects on gogocarto.fr/project/. There was also a button to create a new project.

After additional cleaning our source data in https://lab.allmende.io/degrowth/map/, we should be able to use it with a group of people to maintain a Degrowth dataset and map together.

The only remaining question would be how to help them translate their user interface into other languages.

The have a nice admin interface available at https://degrowth.gogocarto.fr/admin/ that allows to import data, manage categories, and review different entries against various criteria.

Would any of you like to receive an email invitation for an account to test it?

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