GDD & Corona virus - How to proceed

because of the corona virus, GDD will probably not be able to take place as planned. What do you think? Should we postpone it, shall we skip it, shall we virtualize it (how?),…

Please use this thread for exchanging opinions . We want to collect concrete ideas in this document:

It would be great to get your contribution before end of March, where we want to have a telco about this. If you want to participate in the call, here is the doodle to find a timeslot: Please fill it in till March 26th.

Hello @activism group! This is Coni from

I will follow this closely as it will be of great importance to communicate in time the outcome of your discussion. I think moving the events to digital format is the way to go.

Also, the editorial team at the blog wrote an article about coronavirus from a degrowth perspective, did you see it? If anyone from this group is interested in collaborating with the blog we are always looking for degrowth-related opinion pieces. The current situation is so confusing and surreal… I feel like now more than ever it’s very important to have a clear message.

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Thanks Coni,
I forwarded to the group!


@activism, @sabrina.chakori,

let’s talk about “how to proceed with GDD in Corona times”. For that let’s meet on Tuesday, Mar 31, 2020 11:00 AM CET(!) with Jean’s zoom account: (Meeting ID: 375 526 3594), find your local number:

You’ll find the agenda here:

Hi @conihepp,
in our phone call today we decided to offer some support for going virtual on the GDD. We will get in touch with Eva (newsletter) for some more details.
Also these details will shortly appear on the webpage.

Yes, we read the interesting article you mentioned - very good!
In our updated call for action we will probably include a suggestion to produce opinion pieces like you mentioned above.

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