Global Alternatives Confluence

There is a new initiative around a global alternatives confluence. They have been emailing around PDF files to conclude their conversations.

I took those, placed them in the degrowth cloud and commented them with All comments together can be read under:

The individual texts have been commented by me in:

Hej Yala,

thanks for sharing the info. Iā€™m really interested in this initiative and was wondering if you have any idea if there is more than just a document that people can comment on so far? (I have to admit I had some problems to figure out how the links you provided work. I never used a tool like hypothesis)

Hi Sara,

glad that information reached and appears to be useful to you.

As far as I know there is a hand-made email list going slowly, with a few tens of people involved. I have offered them @gandhiano and my support to go more public with communication, in case they wish so.

Thank you for trying out and following that route. Hypothesis, as the website explains which you can see after following its link, is a tool for so-called annotation of texts, primarily web sites. Yet since the web is great, and we can also watch PDF files in web browsers, we can annotate PDFs, too! This is a useful tool for discussing documents and building a knowledge commons around reading groups.

The original PDFs (without annotations) can be downloaded from:


Hi Yala,
thanks for your reply.
Do you know how can sign up for the e-mail list?

I think we could create a group here, working as a mailing list. That would be very nice for the collective process. @yala did you have more contacts or communication in this sense?

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Yes, @gandhiano and me are in slow email contact with them, about possible ways to interact with the initiative, and where to direct requests such as yours, @Sara.

We have no statement that expresses their wish to communicate here, and keep on offering that.

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This is now called the global tapestry of alternatives.