Global Degrowth Day – Good Life for All


Regarding the event on 1 June 2019

I will be organising an event in Alice Springs Australia (which is a very Degrowth unfriendly place).

Do you have any references for the 2018 event mentioned: “In Germany a similar day with the motto „Good life for all“ took place in 2018”?

Kirk Hall

Alice Springs


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Hi Kirk!

It’s great to have you on board! I saw your facebook community on “Degrowth - it’s urgent” and “Join the Degrowth Revolution”, very nice work!

You can see some of the events of the “Degrowth Picnic” and the “Good Life for All” in Germany here The German events are not yet translated, but we collected the ideas of possible events here

We can offer you to be one of the partners of the „Global Degrowth Day“ that means, you (with your link and logo) appear on the website and you announce the day through your networks and call for action.

Just let us know what you think about it and please get in touch for any questions or discussions!

Best, Anna

Hi, Kirk,
you will find a link to the German event on
and the ideas of possible events can also be downloaded from the toolkit on
Would be great if we had “down under” on board! (i was there 35 years ago ;-))

Hi Kirk,
how is it going? What are the plans for the Degrowth Day on June 1st? It would be great if we could see your event on our map Global Degrowth Day 2019 - Degrowth soon :slight_smile:
Best regards,
Anne & Arndt